7 Proven Steps for Successfully Designing a Propagation Greenhouse

As with any business decision, planning is essential. Measure twice, cut once. After years in the greenhouse industry I have helped many growers design and build greenhouses for efficient and profitable growing. One thing you learn very early in the greenhouse business is that no two operations are the same. The greenhouse environment needs to be tailored to the plants ideal environmental conditions, and the growers preferred growing methods and operating processes.

The Advantages of Naturally Ventilated Commercial Greenhouses

As we start to prepare for the warmer months that may seem far away with the late snow flurries and colder temperatures we've experienced this spring (hurry up summer!), it's easy to forget the uncomfortable heat that those warmer months bring. When temperatures can rise to an unbearable 111°F we're lucky to have air conditioning in our offices. But using air conditioning in a large space like a commercial greenhouse is simply not practical.