Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Greenhouse

As autumn approaches supplemental lighting for greenhouse growers becomes more and more important to the health and yield of your crops. Now is the perfect time to look at a few options for lighting. Whether you decide to go all out with a new LED system, stick with tried and true HPS lights or make some efficiency upgrades to your current crop lighting, take a look at the benefits of your greenhouse lighting options.

Are You Ready for Halloween! 10 Ideas for Garden Centers to Get Creative

In the UK where I am from, Halloween, a relatively new holiday, is already the third biggest retail event, right behind Christmas and Easter. It surpassed Valentines Day in 2014. In North America, Halloween has a long standing tradition of consumer spending with approximately two thirds of Americans spending around $7 billion annually. Garden centers and nurseries should take every opportunity this season to market for Halloween. It’s such a great event with so many possibilities that all adults and children can enjoy!

Top 10 Pokémon Go Techniques for Garden Centers

Pokémon Go is still taking the world by storm. Now is the best opportunity to use the game to your advantage. A recent survey by Slant Marketing found that 82% of Pokémon Go players had visited a business while playing the game. McDonald's Japan just reported a 27% jump in sales after partnering with Pokémon Go to turn its restaurants into sponsored Pokéstops.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Greenhouse Expansion

There are many pitfalls to avoid when planning an expansion of your greenhouse. Your business relies on many factors such as crop deadlines and financing – make sure you are planning your new builds accordingly and make the proper considerations. Here are some common mistakes:

1. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Execute Your Greenhouse Expansion