The Advantages of Naturally Ventilated Commercial Greenhouses

As we start to prepare for the warmer months that may seem far away with the late snow flurries and colder temperatures we've experienced this spring (hurry up summer!), it's easy to forget the uncomfortable heat that those warmer months bring. When temperatures can rise to an unbearable 111°F we're lucky to have air conditioning in our offices. But using air conditioning in a large space like a commercial greenhouse is simply not practical.

5 Reasons Why CO2 Levels Are Controlled at Night

Growers can artificially increase the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) available to plants to improve growth and yield. Scientists call it “atmospheric fertilization” and growers have known for a long time that increasing CO2 can improve plant productivity. Adding additional CO2 around plants is similar to adding additional nitrogen to the soil – it gives plants a boost to grow more rapidly and increase the size and number of fruits.