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Leafy Greens and lettuce have been an established greenhouse grown product for some time but it has only been in the last short while that its potential as a major greenhouse crop has begun to be realized with expanding growth and opportunity.

We have seen the greenhouse lettuce production take off, mature, modernize almost overnight thanks to a number of influencing factors.

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Consumer awareness of food quality, origin and nutritional benefits is higher than ever. There is no question that we are looking at our diets and are turning to heathier choices and fresh vegetables are high on the list. Greenhouse lettuce is grown year round, can be produced close to home and on the shelf in hours rather than field grown lettuce that is trucked across the continent to market. Concerns about recalls from salmonella, E. coli and other pathogens from field related contamination have helped to put greenhouse production in the forefront. Primarily, greenhouse grown leafy greens are fresh, healthy and safe.

There are successful smaller and organic growers that grow in soil beds using cold frames and greenhouses to cater to the boutique market. Where we see the real growth is in the hydroponic, modern facilities that can grow safe, clean, quality greens year round.

GGS has a long history of expertise in supplying commercial growers with the latest technology and systems for greenhouses and related equipment. We have put the same emphasis on making sure we are keeping abreast with the rapid advances in systems, equipment and growing practices specific to the greenhouse hydroponic greens industry. Our team is knowledgeable and up to date on the best possible choices for building and equipping hydroponic lettuce facilities. Not sure about Hydroponics? Read more about Hydoponics in one of our previous articles.

Where should you begin your planning? For irrigation, should you choose NFT (nutrient film technique), trough systems or deep water culture systems? What about heating and lighting? The abundance of choices are constantly changing and advancing. Whether you are starting from the ground up or converting an existing operation, we can help you navigate through the process. In our upcoming blogs we will be covering a number of topics specifically geared to commercial greenhouse greens production.

Demand for leafy greens is expanding and we are seeing it branch out into areas like fresh herbs, arugula and other exciting products. Consumers are driving the need for healthier, close-to-home produce, and GGS is manufacturing and designing greenhouses for growers who are realizing this great opportunity to bring them to market. Stay informed, Part 1 of this blog series is coming up where we discuss greenhouse structures and glazing for growing lettuce.

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