Increase Productivity with GGS Benches

  • Benches can either be stationary or rolling
  • Can be fabricated in expanded metal covering, ebb and flood trays, or irrigation troughs
  • The bench assembly is designed for easy installation
  • The snap together aluminum profiles and factory welded stands make your job easier
  • Mitred corners prevent workers or customers from ripping clothing
  • Aluminum extruded sides and ends
  • Mitre cut corners
  • Aluminum cross members
  • Snap-together fittings
  • All-aluminum frame
  • Threaded rods for adjustment up to 12"
  • Top quality plastic or aluminum flood trays
  • 13 gauge expanded metal bench tops
  • 2" diameter rolling tubes
  • Custom sizes

Why Do Our Customers Use Metal Rolling Benches?


Get Even More for Your Growing Space With GGS Rail Carts

GGS Rail Carts are available as either single or double rail. The double rail type is capable of spanning the full width of your greenhouse. Rail Carts take hours off your labor time. Use them to take cuttings from hanging baskets, and watch as you get twice as many in half as much time. GGS Rail Carts are the perfect answer for transferring bench crops in the greenhouse.


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What our customers say:

"Quality Counts. With GGS Low Profile Greenhouses, I'm building for my grandchildren's future."

Leo Reus, Balfour Greenhouses, Fenwick, Ontario.

Popular uses:

Growing Benches

Irrigation Benches

Retail Benches

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