Improve Crop Environment with Greenhouse Curtain Systems

  • For shading, energy savings, or light deprivation, curtains improve the greenhouse environment
  • Automatically open and close curtains to adjust for the desired light levels
  • Add Blackout Screens for daylight control and additional energy savings
  • Automatically open and close curtains to keep temperature levels consistent
  • GGS greenhouse curtains are low maintenance and easy to install on flat truss systems or peaked arches
  • Single, double, and triple curtains available to satisfy every grower
  • Total control over day length for the most sensitive plants
  • Effective cooling
  • Light emission control that satisfies neighbours and legislation
  • A single-screen solution for shading, cooling and maximum energy saving
  • Maximum cooling when installed above plants in a greenhouse with side ventilation
  • Plants in shade spots receive up to 32% more light
  • Scatters sunlight onto and into your crops more evenly resulting in healthier and more uniform crops that grow faster
  • Available in open and closed weaves

Whether it's a new greenhouse project or retrofitting your existing range, GGS shade, blackout, and energy systems can fit most every imaginable installation. The benefits of GGS curtains are simplicity in design, ease of installation and easily maintained. Bundles retract to 10 cm, allowing maximum possible light when open.

More and more growers are opting for GGS Shade Systems even in poly houses. As energy costs rise, the value of a good shade/energy system increases. Heat and light are managed while preventing condensation and air leakage. Energy savings are maximized and the environment for healthy plants is improved. Add Blackout Screens for daylight control and additional energy savings. This screen is available with a white underside to measure the light level when supplemental lighting is used beneath the screens.

Don't forget Rolling Screens, which provide energy management and blackout for sidewalls. The screen is mounted with the aluminum side out, preventing unwanted sunlight and heat from entering the greenhouse. Screens with both sides white are perfect for interior sidewall divisions. Whatever your needs, GGS will work with you.


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"Quality Counts. With GGS Low Profile Greenhouses, I'm building for my grandchildren's future."

Leo Reus, Balfour Greenhouses, Fenwick, Ontario.

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Energy Savings

Heat Retention

Light Level Control

Outdoor Shade Structures

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