Energy costs are typically the number two expense in marijuana grow facilities after labor, and marijuana grow lights are a significant portion of this cost. It’s vital to weigh the initial upfront investment against the potential payback. GGS is partnered with a range of industry-leading lighting suppliers with different products tailored to your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the best lighting system for your commercial cannabis greenhouse.

HPS Cannabis Grow Lights

HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lighting is the most popularly used light source with a proven track record for cannabis growers, providing bright, intense light with a reasonably long lifespan.

  • Provides a wide spectrum of light colors
  • Fairly efficient and less costly when comparing output per wattage
  • Smaller in size than LPS or fluorescent lights
  • Cheaper alternative to other options on the market
  • Provides extra heat which is very beneficial to the marijuana plants in the winter
  • GGS can help with supplemental cannabis greenhouse lighting and with primary lighting for indoor marijuana grows

LED Cannabis Grow Lights

Cannabis growers are taking advantage of the energy savings that LED marijuana grow lights can provide.

  • Can cut energy use in your cannabis grow facility by up to 75%
  • Yield benefits can offer far beyond kWh savings
  • Provides the wavelengths and intensity you need with adjustable-spectra LEDs
  • Lower maintenance and reduced maintenance costs as diodes last much longer than conventional bulbs
  • Flexible light adjustment; they can be dimmable or can be turned onto full instantly
  • Available in a variety of temperatures for color accuracy
  • Fixtures can be placed closer to marijuana plants for greater efficiency
  • Multiple level cannabis growing is possible
  • Reduced wire size and associated wire costs


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