Poly Covered Gutter Connected Greenhouses

Our top priority is the quality of your plant environment. At GGS Structures, we design industrial greenhouse structures with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment. We offer structures of the highest-quality including Cold Frame, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, Venlo, Curved Glass Greenhouses for sale and Poly Covered Greenhouse with Gutter.

Project Description

This large-scale greenhouse design is a popular choice for Garden Centers, Shipping, and Warehousing. This design aims to maximize floor space which makes it ideal for produce-growing facilities. Moreover, it also eliminates the center row of posts of traditional designs for more room.

Discover the Added Flexibility of Widespan Greenhouses

Widespan greenhouses are suited for multiple uses and greater maximization of floor space, especially with no center posts to impede movement. Extremely popular for Garden Centers, and Shipping and Warehousing, these Widespan Greenhouses give a lot of flexibility for laying out floor space. Those using rolling benches for their crops gain more growth room, and it's easy to expand growing areas without giving up ventilation. The gutter trusses can also double as supports for basket lines, irrigation, and automated basket systems. For growers using boom irrigation, a Widespan greenhouse cuts your boom investment in half.

GGS Structures combines traditional design ideas with innovations to build custom large-scale greenhouses that answer the space, production and environmental needs of every indoor produce growing facility.

  • Ideal for a header house, a retail area, or a growing greenhouse
  • Eliminates the center row of posts for more room to maneuver
  • Twin peaks and a floating gutter for increasing the growing area without sacrificing ventilation
  • Extra heavy trusses which support the center gutter are ideal for hanging basket lines, tying crop lines, supporting automated basket systems, and boom irrigation
  • Reduces number of booms needed
  • More growing square feet available if using rolling benches
  • Widths available: 32’, 36’, 42’, 48’)
  • Heavy trusses to support floating gutters
  • Typical under gutter heights are 14' - 24'
  • Posts are rated 55,000 psi tensile strength
  • Galvanized gutters for superior protection against corrosion
  • Oval arches
  • Post spacing on 12' Centers
  • Trusses are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication
  • Full set of construction blueprints & material list breakdown for construction

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