Cannabis growing in a GGS Greenhouse

Bigger Isn't Always Better

In a previous blog we have discussed the ideal size for a marijuana greenhouse however it is worth looking at it again.

As we have seen in the beer industry, there has been a move away from volume and choices and towards quality. This has created a surge in smaller craft marijuana companies able to thrive selling premium products at higher prices catering to the growing niche markets.  To do this successfully a business must start with a small operation to work through the learning curve of production, producing the quality that creates consumer appeal and loyalty along with enough product to be financially viable as a business.  As part of this plan, companies need to know how they are going to expand production and sales as demand increases.

The GGS gutter connected multi bay greenhouse fits this scenario best.  For smaller growers, the double poly freestanding greenhouse that is roughly 1500-5000 sq. ft. is an ideal, economical choice.  A gutter connected greenhouse becomes the best choice as we get closer to 10,000 sq. ft. or more in size. With bay widths or 21’, 24’, and 27.5’ wide, length of 48’ or longer in 4’ increments and 16’ under gutter it can fit any plan.  By adding interior walls, you can divide bays into individual rooms for multiple production schedules and as business grows increasing the size is as easy as adding additional bays.

GGS Gutter Connected Greenhouse

Almost everyone wants to set up for year-round multiple crop facilities. One way to spread out the startup costs is to go with a single crop seasonal plan for the first year or two.  A couple of the larger budget items such as lighting, grow benches and blackout curtains can be deferred and gives you time to really focus on the production.

Advances in technology and research in light spectrums has moved forward in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, teaching us more about their effect on the quality and volume of crops. HPS lights are still the go-to tried and true method and are the most economical choice at about a quarter of the price of LED. However, LEDs have proven to be very efficient using less electricity, longer bulb life and an array of light spectrum choices that have proven to have significant positive results on the crop.  There are so many choices of suppliers and prices, make sure the lighting option you choose is independently tested and proven to be the best for plant growth.

For year-round production, the standard grow plan is to have the crop on grow benches.  GGS rolling benches are still the choice of the majority in the cannabis industry, after years of expert testing and use.  With all aluminum stands, custom fit the width and length for almost any room plan. These easy rolling benches are everyone’s first choice. A hot water boiler system with a pipe loop integrates nicely with these benches and promotes root growth.

GGS Rolling Benches

Exhaust fans and intake vents with light dep. and blackout curtains designed for the specific greenhouse will keep all of the unwanted light out.  For cooling during the hot summer months you can add cool pads to the vents.

The other items to consider are energy curtains, dehumidification systems, irrigation, and computer control systems to match the size and details of your grow plan.
The goal is to produce the best quality crop you can while maintaining budgets and timetables.  This puts the medium size grower at an advantage over the very small and very large growers. You can plan a greenhouse with many of the systems and equipment to maintain ideal growing conditions and still be at a size where you can control and monitor all aspects of the growing hands on.  As the consumer becomes more experienced and educated on the quality and varieties of the product they have become selective in their purchasing decisions and more often than not this outweighs the price.  Again, this is advantageous for medium growers that can find a niche, adapt to consumer demand and grow and scale as the demand grows.

Size does matter to maximize the opportunities in the cannabis markets today.  At GGS our team has the experience and is ready to work with you to put a plan together that fits the specialty needs of the craft grower. Get started today.

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