And Now For Something Completely Different

Canadian Miltary at GGS

Bob Martin from Martin Farms and Gerry Harrison from GGS watch as Bob’s grandson Lark gets instructions on how to operate a C7 Assault Rifle from Warrant Officer Starkis during a break in the tactical training exercises performed last weekend at the GGS factory in Vineland Station, Ontario.

GGS loaned their property for last weekend’s training drills to The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, an infantry unit of the Canadian Forces primary reserves., based out of Hamilton Ontario.

Canadian Military at GGS

GGS offered the use of their facilities to the army reserve as a show of support for all the military’s ongoing efforts and commitment to Canada. The company also supports military veteran organizations through special discounts, charity drives, and other donations throughout the year.

No live ammunition was used during the training drills.

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