The 4 Best Improvements We Made to the GGS Website

It’s a new year and a new start for our website. We are proud to announce our new site design, which we launched late in December. It may have been a long process but we think it’s worth it! Here are the top 5 improvements we made to our site to bring our customers a more positive web experience.

1. Perfectly Responsive in Every Way

The biggest thing we wanted to achieve with the new site was to make it fully responsive across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices and we definitely did it! It’s undeniable that more and more users are using tablet and mobile devices and we ourselves see a lot of customers viewing our site through mobile so this was the most important thing that we needed to achieve.

2. New Look, New Feel

The second biggest thing you will probably notice before the responsive design is our drastic change in look. Out with the old in with the new! We did a complete overhaul of the site design. Do you remember what it looked like before? It looked something like this..

This is a big change from the screens displayed above. We wanted to make the site a lot brighter, more inviting and our information a lot clearer. Another big check off the list!

3. The More Information the Better

We think it’s important to give you the best information you can. A new feature we have added is a crop section. You can now go to ‘Your Crop’ and select a crop most suited to your purpose from produce, floriculture, nurseries or marijuana. Here you with find a quick go-to for that crop type with of products that will be most suited to your needs. We plan to expand this section in the future to provide detailed information for specific crops you might grow and crop solutions for common issues you might face. Keep and eye on these pages!

4. Every Heating Option Available

We are proud to offer complete turnkey solutions for greenhouses and garden centers and we do this with the help of Niagrow our sister company. Niagrow has a great reputable history in the greenhouse heating industry and now you can find all their products on our website under a more cohesive heating section.

There are so many small details that have been changed which vastly improve the sites look and performance but ultimately our goal is to provide our customers with quality information, easily accessible and the best user experience possible. We feel we’ve achieved this and we hope you do too!

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