Join Us for Our Webinar on Marijuana: The #1 Profit Opportunity for Greenhouse Growers

Our Sales Manager, Michael Camplin

Come join us for our webinar on Marijuana: The #1 Profit Opportunity for Greenhouse Growers in the Next Decade. Our Sales Manager, Michael Camplin, will lead the webinar and provide his insights into the expanding cannabis industry.

Michael has a long and excellent history at GGS working with growers acting as an advisor and solutions provider for cannabis facilities across Canada and the U.S. In the webinar Michael will be talking to us about the current state of the industry, the opportunities and obstacles that face both new and seasoned cannabis investors and the benefits of greenhouse cultivation.

With the cannabis industry expanding large-scale globally greenhouse growers hold a unique and well-positioned place for growth and profit opportunity. We hope you will take this time to learn more with us.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 19th May at 2pm EDT.

A recorded version of the webinar is still available to access after May 19th.

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