Top 10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Garden Centers

Make the most of your digital marketing any time of the year with these ideas you can do right now to boost your business' online presence. Lets take a look at some options.

1. Online promotion of Your Garden Center

Online promotions are a great way to attract new customers and to encourage existing customers to make further purchases. There are a few ways you could approach this, it could be a simple banner promoting an offer for online purchases or it could be a link to an online voucher that customers can print out and use in store. Have you ever had a member of family who was notorious at bargain hunting? I certainly do! Chances are many of your customers will appreciate a special promotion too and it’s a good way to take digital engagement to in person.

Discount Voucher2. Run a Gardening Competition

Hold a competition with a nice prize to show you value your customers. But think carefully about your target audience and how you present this. You want to boost your business, not attract people looking for a quick freebie.

A competition can also provide you valuable information on where you should be focusing your business on and a great way to get people to sign up to newsletters and engage on social media.

3. Promote Your Garden Center on Social Media

This is the most common and should be the most obvious one, but many businesses start promoting themselves and then slowly let it die out. Don’t! It can be a slow progress but the best way to see results is to keep at it. If something doesn’t work, try a different approach. If a customer checks you Facebook page and you haven’t posted very much if at all or even a year ago, they’re not going to waste their time supporting the page and maybe even wonder why you have one in the first place.

Digital Marketing Image

4. Gardening Content

This brings us to the next point. Make sure your content is relevant and engaging. Don’t become invisible.  As mentioned before, inactivity looses potential business. Keep it light and refreshing. You do not need heavy text content to engage with an audience.

5. Create a Garden Center E-Newsletter

Simply boost business by promoting new products and offers to your subscribers amongst relevant content sent out. You can even reward your subscribers with online promotions only available to them.

6. Optomize Your Garden Center Homepage

Is there something you want to shout about? Something you want your potential customers to know? Then include it on your homepage.

7. Make It Easy for Customers to Share Your Products

It maybe time to start looking at a website design overhaul if customers can’t share and like your plants and products over social media. And who wouldn’t want customers sharing products that they love, it’s free exposure for your Garden Center!

8. Use SEO to Your Advantage

Use key SEO words for products and services. Google ad words and SEO companies are there to help. Have you ever googled your company and seen in come at the bottom of the list? That’s down to your SEO and it needs to be fixed!

Garden Center Directory

9. Submit Your Garden Center Website

Submit your site to major search engines to generate traffic. Don’t overlook directory sites. Specialized directories can gain you more targeted traffic. Look around and see what’s available.

10. Engage with Your Customers

A complaint on your site or on social media? Always stay on top of it. Be polite, their business is important. Equally it is important to share appreciation with customers who express happiness or enthusiasm with your services.  It’s called social media for a reason… you need to be ‘social’ and talking to your customers not ignoring them.

BONUS: Use Trends to Your Advantage

Not long ago the Pokémon Go app became all the rage drawing consumers to areas they might not usually venture in hopes to catch those elusive pokémon. Businesses we quick to start marketing towards this trend creating promotional events around the app to further lure customers online through their websites and social media. Take a look at our previous article on our top 10 Pokémon techniques for Garden Centers for more ideas on to market for the next big trend!

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