How Retrofitting an Older Greenhouse Can Solve Big Problems

Structure maintenance and planning involves more than just new construction projects and a focus on expansion.  Often the best dollar value for a grower is in retrofitting and modernizing existing greenhouse structures.

Here is a list of potential solutions to common problems that greenhouse growers can resolve by improving existing structures:

Join GGS July 15-18 at Cultivate'17

GGS is excited to be a part of Cultivate’17, one of the largest greenhouse industry events in North America. The event hosts numerous educational sessions, with an exhibit area covering over 8-acres and over 700 exhibitors rest assured there is plenty to do see and do over the 4 days of this event!

For many years now GGS has exhibited at AmericanHort's events along with our sister company Niagrow Systems Ltd. Our team will be there to answer all your questions on greenhouse & garden center needs from structures to heating.

7 Tips for Managing a Commercial Greenhouse Construction Project

There are many things to think about when managing a greenhouse construction project. Your business relies on factors such as crop deadlines and financing – make sure your project stays on course and you are making the proper considerations. You can always hire expert project managers like GGS if you don’t want to be involved in all the details, but if you decide to be your own General Contractor here are some tips to help you through the process.

7 Tips for Successfully Designing a Propagation Greenhouse

As with any business decision, planning is essential. Measure twice, cut once. During my three decades in the greenhouse industry I have helped countless growers design and build greenhouses for efficient and profitable growing. One thing you learn very early in the greenhouse business is that no two operations are the same. The greenhouse environment needs to be tailored to the plants’ ideal environmental conditions, and the growers preferred growing methods and operating processes.