Top 10 Pokémon Go Techniques for Garden Centers

Pokémon Go is still taking the world by storm. Now is the best opportunity to use the game to your advantage. A recent survey by Slant Marketing found that 82% of Pokémon Go players had visited a business while playing the game. McDonald's Japan just reported a 27% jump in sales after partnering with Pokémon Go to turn its restaurants into sponsored Pokéstops.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Greenhouse Expansion

There are many pitfalls to avoid when planning an expansion of your greenhouse. Your business relies on many factors such as crop deadlines and financing – make sure you are planning your new builds accordingly and make the proper considerations. Here are some common mistakes:

1. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Execute Your Greenhouse Expansion

An Introduction to Pokémon Go for Garden Centers

Have you heard of Pokémon Go the android and iOS app that’s taking the world by storm? If you haven’t, where have you been? The game debuted early in July and is now available in most countries including Canada taking over the lives of children, teenagers and adults. Yes, even adult. You may have noticed a lot of people aimlessly wandering around staring at the smartphone device. These people are most likely Pokémon Go players.

Veterans Farm Network: Supporting Our Veterans' Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Through Horticulture

GGS is proud to support the creation of the Veterans Farm Network, a therapeutic and vocational program that is being developed for veterans of the military. The program was designed by Forces & Families, a not-for-profit and volunteer-supported organization founded in 2007 that provides support to Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, and their families.

5 Benefits of Energy Curtains Not to Miss

When it comes to adding energy curtains (sometimes referred to as thermal blankets) to a greenhouse everyone focuses on energy savings. And certainly energy savings should be a major factor in any greenhouse grower’s decision to purchase energy curtains. In northern climates, winter growing adds expensive heating costs to the most diligent greenhouse operation. A well designed and properly installed energy curtain can reduce winter heating bills by up to 50% and in some cases more.