High Tunnels, Hoop Houses, Coldframes, Low Tunnels, and Polytunnels

A Cold Frame by any other name is still a Coldframe. Or for that matter you could say a Hoop House is a hoop house is a Hoop House. And then what is with these High Tunnels and Low Tunnels and Polytunnels? For such a simple structure it is amazing the number of names that it has been given over the years. So, in an effort to clear up any confusion, we thought we would explain a little bit more about this simple and cost effective structure, and some of the many uses growers have found for it.

Eliminate Condensation Drips with a Half Open Roof

Many growers are concerned about maximizing greenhouse ventilation. In some maximum ventilation designs, condensation control is sacrificed and dripping becomes an issue. This was the case for Hendriks Greenhouses, until they approached GGS Structures Inc. to help solve the problem. Hendriks Greenhouses, located in Beamsville Ontario, wanted a design that balanced both ventilation and condensation control, and GGS responded with the half open roof greenhouse design.

Join GGS July 9-12 at Cultivate'16

GGS is excited to be a part of Cultivate’16, one of the largest greenhouse industry events in North America. The event hosts over 130 educational sessions, with an 8-acre exhibit area. There is plenty to do see and do over the 4 days of the event!