Happy National Donut Day!

Each year on the first Friday in June since 1938, National Donut Day honors Salvation Army Donut Lassies, dubbed Donut Girls, who made fresh, complementary donuts for American soldiers serving in France during World War I.

Annual Forces & Families CAF Appreciation Day Thank You (The Globe and Mail Metro - Ontario Edition)

GGS is a proud sponsor of the Annual Forces & Families appreciation day event. GGS is proud to support our Canadian Forces. Previously we offered use of our facilities to the army reserve as a show of support for all the military’s ongoing efforts and commitment to Canada. Also supporting military veteran organizations through special discounts, charity drives, and other donations throughout the year.

7 Proven Steps for Successfully Designing a Propagation Greenhouse

As with any business decision, planning is essential. Measure twice, cut once. After years in the greenhouse industry I have helped many growers design and build greenhouses for efficient and profitable growing. One thing you learn very early in the greenhouse business is that no two operations are the same. The greenhouse environment needs to be tailored to the plants ideal environmental conditions, and the growers preferred growing methods and operating processes.