Announcing Our New Blog, Today's Grower!

Welcome to the very first post on our new blog, Today's Grower! My name is Richard, and I'm in the marketing department here at GGS. I started this blog because I noticed the wide array of knowledge and expertise that the team here at GGS possesses.

Up to $18.9 million in funding for manufacturers (St. Catharines Standard)

St. Catharines - Several years ago, GGS Structures Inc. in Vineland Station had just bought two companies. It was expanding at a dizzying speed.

The exporting greenhouse structure and parts manufacturer badly needed to update its inventory system. It took an investment of more than $100,000 to make that happen, half of which came through federal grant money to help smaller Ontario manufacturers boost productivity.

Growers Greenhouse Supplies Inc.: Nourishing Innovation within its Field (Canadian Business Executive)

Summer 2010 - In a general sense, Coulter runs GGS Structures Inc., a greenhouse building designer for the horticultural and agricultural industries, and Niagrow Systems Ltd., which creates heating systems for greenhouses. Meanwhile, Harrison is still senior management and oversees JGS Limited, which specializes in greenhouses for research purposes at universities and laboratories, and he maintains the day-to-day operations of the overall company. However, GGS is not the type of place that gets hung up on status. “We don’t really use titles. We’re a family business and I’ve grown up through the business doing different jobs, so we all just kind of do what we need to do here,” Coulter explains. Niagrow and JGS were added to GGS during 2009.