Leigh Coulter

Leigh Coulter is the President of GGS Structures Inc. a leading greenhouse manufacturer with sales worldwide. Leigh holds a degree in business from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and she has been asked to speak at numerous events regarding manufacturing and business development. GGS manufactures greenhouses for all crops, as well as manufacturing fabric covered buildings.

After years of working with cannabis growers to improve medical marijuana cultivation technologies, and as part of the company’s strategic development in 2013 Leigh established a division within the company dedicated to the emerging legal cannabis industry, and as such GGS is on the forefront of the movement. As part of this division new people were brought into the company to expand the company’s knowledge in indoor controlled agriculture cultivation (CEA) as well.

GGS was the first greenhouse manufacturer worldwide to actively promote cannabis cultivation in greenhouses through their website, brochures, and in the media. Leigh believes passionately in “doing the right thing” and that supporting people’s rights to choose how they take care of their bodies is fundamentally “the right thing”. Working with cannabis growers all over the world she has developed the utmost respect for people who want to perfect their craft, and grow their best plants, and everyone on the GGS team is delighted to be part of that mission.

Latest Blog Post by Leigh Coulter

5 Advantages of Energy Curtains Not to Miss

When it comes to adding energy curtains (sometimes referred to as thermal blankets) to a greenhouse everyone focuses on energy savings. And certainly energy savings should be a major factor in any greenhouse grower’s decision to purchase energy curtains. In northern climates, winter growing adds expensive heating costs to the most diligent greenhouse operation. A well designed and properly installed energy curtain can reduce winter heating bills by up to 50% and in some cases more.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Medical Marijuana Growers Make when Setting up a Growing Facility

If you are getting your benching from one supplier, irrigation from another, and lights from someone else. Who is coordinating everything? Did you make sure that the benches are being designed to suit the irrigation system you chose? Did you make sure to define all the sensors you are using, and did you make sure not to forget to qualify whether the irrigation sensors are supplied by the irrigation company or the computer company. Is the company who is installing your air filtration and cooling systems completely aware of every detail in your lights, or did you forget something that will create a difference in the heat output and throw off your whole system? The automated growing equipment available to commercial growers when properly designed as an integrated system can not only provide better traceability and uniform quality, it can increase the amount of production.

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Greenhouse

As autumn approaches supplemental lighting for greenhouse growers becomes more and more important to the health and yield of your crops. Now is the perfect time to look at a few options for lighting. Whether you decide to go all out with a new LED system, stick with tried and true HPS lights or make some efficiency upgrades to your current crop lighting, take a look at the benefits of your greenhouse lighting options.

Best Practices for Commercial Greenhouse Construction Projects

Whether you are building a single hoop house or building a ten hectare greenhouse range, new greenhouse construction is part of building your growing business. For many growers the construction process is exciting full of anticipation as you watch your dreams becoming a reality. For other growers, greenhouse construction brings on a feeling of anxiety as personal and corporate resources must be directed to an area of the business they are less familiar with.