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Medical Marijuana Greenhouse & Indoor Cannabis Grow Facility Design/Build

We are your structures & equipment supply partner for turn-key cannabis growing, covering both marijuana greenhouse and indoor grow environments. Working with the top licensed medical marijuana producers, and over 35 years in commercial greenhouse and indoor grow solutions, GGS develops complete turn-key systems that maximize crop production, including hybrid greenhouses.

We help growers automate and control all the elements in their cannabis greenhouse or indoor medical marijuana grow facility for the best plant growth. For cannabis growers we integrate sophisticated irrigation systems with grow lighting, light deprivation, air filtration exchange, CO2 dosing, odor control, and heating and cooling where required. Contact us and we can provide a rough greenhouse estimate or a full quote.

We provide computerized automation controls to integrate the entire growing system with all the requirements for each strain based on bench, or room configurations, automating your light dep and growing environment.

GGS works closely with you the grower to ensure maximum production of the marijuana plant, whether you're growing in a greenhouse, hybrid greenhouse, or warehouse facility.

Because Cannabis is an industry in its early stage we understand the need to start with a modest size operation that can be rapidly scaled as you continue to grow your business.


In consulting with us we provide detailed information on the whole system so production is maximized and nothing is missed, even if the starting point is a rough greenhouse design. To stay on the cutting edge GGS actively researches all elements that contribute to production gains.

We have currently partnered with several commercial medical marijuana producers to develop a customized lighting solution for various strains of cannabis, including LED lights as well as High Pressure Sodium lights and Metal Halide lights. We combine this with our light deprivation technology to ensure your cannabis crop gets the precise amount of light it requires for optimal crop growth. GGS has helped commercial growers expand their businesses for over 35 years and our products and services are sold throughout the world. GGS is helping growers in California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington D.C. and many other states. We're also helping licensed medical marijuana producers in Canada to build their dream cannabis greenhouse, indoor marijuana grow operation, or a hybrid greenhouse.

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