Cannabis Research Starts With Plant Research

Vineland Research Centre project by JGS Limited. One of the largest greenhouse research facility of its kind in Canada.

Much of the media focus on cannabis research is on the people side: the medicinal advantages, the addictive risks, the socioeconomic impacts. Because people stories sell! They evoke emotion, inspire action, make great headlines, and are relatable to the masses, all of which bring media attention.

And while this research is good and necessary, cannabis is also a plant, and none of the end use studies have any validity without proper plant science research coming before it. Every scientist, lab technician, and medical researcher knows that proper science requires the removal of unwanted variables. Controlling your inputs, and ensuring their consistency when these inputs are plant matter is best achieved through plant science research facilities.

Inside Vineland Research Centre project by JGS Limited.

Most Plant Science Research Facilities around the world are specialty designed Greenhouse Research Facilities. These research greenhouses are generally purpose built for the types of research intended, and universities, medical companies, and agricultural departments will contract with companies like JGS Limited (our sister company) to design build their research greenhouse, or they will work with specialty greenhouse engineering design firms to write the specifications and then hire JGS Limited to execute on the manufacturing and construction of the research greenhouse.

As marijuana gains global acceptance as a legal medicinal plant, there will be a greater scope of medical needs to be researched, but there will also be a need for plant science research in more than just providing material for medical testing. Marijuana, and its sister plant Hemp, are rapidly moving back to the realm of commercial agricultural crops. With commercial agriculture comes the need to research better growing methods, insect resistance, production efficiencies, etc.

All over the world government agricultural departments have built research greenhouses to study various aspects of plant science to improve crop yields, taste, and understand plant pathology. As governments legalize cannabis, make sure you are lobbying your agricultural department for expanded research on this incredible plant. Greenhouse Research Facilities are designed with the newest technology, and when properly run they partner with commercial agriculture to ensure that the research is meeting society’s needs.

You can learn more about research greenhouses at JGS Limited. Or contact our marijuana cultivation experts to assist in designing marijuana cultivation facilities.

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