Fabric Covered Structures a Great Option for Storage Buildings

Fabric covered buildings have become a very popular storage solution in the agricultural industry. Here at GGS, we have found that our Tasco Dome brand of fabric covered buildings are becoming the leading choice for storage amongst greenhouse growers.

Here are 5 reasons why a Tasco Dome structure may be right for your greenhouse business.

Cost Effective Storage for your Greenhouse Equipment

One huge benefit of a fabric covered building is cost. Tasco Domes are the budget-friendly solution for growers looking for extra storage space. Our Tasco Domes also allow for natural sunlight, which will save you on your energy costs.

Less Red Tape & No Hassle

Depending on your municipality, the building permit approval process is often much simpler when building a fabric covered structure. They are often considered portable buildings, which carry less building regulations than a permanent structure. In essence you get all the benefits of a permanent structure while avoiding permit hassles. In addition, once you get to the construction phase, installation is simple, fast, and straightforward. All arch segments of a Tasco Dome are the same, making it easier and faster to build.

Versatile, Multi-Purpose Buildings

A huge plus with a Tasco Dome structure is its flexibility. Whether you need to store your machinery, equipment, or even biomass fuel for your greenhouse, Tasco Domes can accommodate any storage scenario you can dream up. Wide spans and high peaks mean that your options are virtually unlimited.

Like our Greenhouse Structures, Tasco Domes are Built to Last

Tasco Domes have many features that will ensure your structure will last long term. High quality, black square tubing is used, and is hot dipped galvanized after welding and drilling for maximum strength and superior corrosion protection. All Tasco Domes also come with a 15 year warranty.

Highly Customizable Structures

Tasco Domes can be customized to meet your specific needs. The width can go from 30ft all the way to 80ft wide span. As far as side height goes, 6ft steel legs are the standard, but 9ft steel legs can be used, which allow more side height for storage. We even have customers who have ordered insulated domes for specialized use.

At GGS we stand firmly behind our Tasco Dome brand and we welcome any questions about storage solutions for your business. Feel free to contact us and let us know your storage needs.

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