Existing Greenhouse Growers Taking Big Interest in the Cannabis Market

An increasing number of growers in traditional horticultural markets are looking into the burgeoning cannabis industry and deciding whether or not they want to take part.

20.7% of North American greenhouse growers stated they are either already planning on growing cannabis or plan to investigate growing it in the next few years, according to a 2017 survey conducted by Greenhouse Grower magazine.

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The Real Reason Craft Cannabis is Here to Stay

Nothing evokes passionate debate in the cannabis community like the threat of big business taking over. The arguments against big marijuana fill the internet. The heartfelt plea to preserve small farms is echoed throughout the US, Canada, and Jamaica. At the Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas last November there was even a debate dedicated to arguing which was better: Craft Cannabis vs Big Marijuana.

The Great Marijuana Greenhouse Debate

Retrofit existing greenhouses or is it better to purpose build greenhouses for marijuana growing.?

Just before the election I read an article about California pot growers paying millions of dollars for old greenhouses in the Salinas Valley. After the results of the US marijuana elections greenhouse property values are likely increasing in eastern states like Massachusetts and Maine as much as they are in the West.