Marijuana Home Explosions Should Be a Call for Legal Regulation, Not Justification for Anti-Marijuana Sentiment

I opened up my news feed from the weekend last night and found a flurry of stories from around the world discussing how an illegal marijuana grow destroyed a New York City home and killed a firefighter. Illegal grow-ops may resort to tactics that can be fatal in an effort to hide their activities, and without legal status they do not have access to education and equipment that meets safety standards. Of course, that is not how the international media portrays it.

The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Growing Cannabis in Greenhouses

As the cannabis industry continues to gain legal status around the world more and more cannabis growers are learning about commercial scale horticultural production techniques, and of course, that means greenhouse growing. Anxious to grab a piece of the hottest industry of our generation, many consultants have jumped into the picture claiming to be manufacturers and greenhouse experts. Unfortunately these groups are not always well informed and often perpetuate wrong thinking.

Here are the 10 most frequent misconceptions we hear being told to cannabis growers looking to move to greenhouse growing.

Canada's Medical Marijuana Home Grow Regulations Come into Effect Today - Is it a Viable Small Business Model?

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) comes into effect today. In essence this allows Canadian medical marijuana patients to grow their own or select an independent grower to grow for them, rather than by purchasing through large scale licensed producers. This is the federal government’s response to the Supreme Court ruling that made affordable access to cannabis medicine a human right.