The perfect nursery environment. Whether you are looking for a Coldframe, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, or a Venlo, Curved Glass or Poly Covered Gutter Connected structure, when designing a greenhouse structure we start with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment.

Nursery growers have unique challenges in crop management primarily due to a large land area and a vast variety of crops grown. To be a successful nursery operator in today’s climate requires production efficiency, and multiple flexible environments that can be tailored to your changing crop needs. In addition to crop production areas many nursery operations have evolved to include a retail model which supplements the wholesale nursery business.

At GGS we understand there is not a one type fits all greenhouse environment in the nursery industry. Whether you are looking for ground to ground structures like cold frames and freestanding greenhouses, or gutter connect ranges, GGS structures are built strong and designed to provide ideal growing environments for changing crop SKUs. GGS provides nursery businesses with the largest product line of overwintering tunnel houses, shade structures, and environmentally controlled greenhouses.

And for the split retail/wholesale nursery, GGS is able to offer solutions to attract shoppers and maintain an enjoyable retail experience.

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