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Custom products and designs are available for all applications. If you don't see what you want in our product pages, contact us to let us know what you require.

GGS Building and Repair

For all your construction needs, call GGS. Our skilled crews are available from start to finish. Whether you're looking for a supervisor to set anchor posts, or guide your workers, or a complete turnkey project, we are the company to call.

GGS Maintenance

For growers and retailers who want the security of a professional maintenance team, GGS is at your service.

GGS Research and Development

Whatever your needs, problems, or concerns, GGS welcomes the opportunity to help find the solution.


Turnkey solutions

GGS Structures builds greenhouses and farming structures that are fully functional from day one of operations. Our design approach considers all the aspects of your agribusiness for greenhouses with immediate capability, greater convenience, and maximized growth potential.

Our greenhouse design and construction processes cover all the most important aspects of farming, fully customizable according to your unique needs:

  • Construction style- GGS determines the structure, size, and style of a greenhouse that's ideal for managing your space and delivering optimal crop production. Our options include high-yield, Widespan greenhouses with glass roofs and scalable irrigation and ventilation systems, and cost-efficient, all-weather coverings for smaller farms and specialized uses.
  • Heating- We provide a huge array of heating solutions for your crops, including wood-burning and electric-powered heaters for in-floor, overhead, perimeter, and bench heating. Our designs can also incorporate boilers, heat exchangers, heat storage tanks and pipe insulation, among other specifications.
  • Ventilation - Our options for air circulation answer the needs of your crop and climate, including raised gutter vents, gable or side vents, or inside/outside lifting options. We have complete solutions for continuous ventilation, rollup sides with variable control choices, fan systems, and barriers that guard against harsh weather conditions.
  • Lighting - Whether using HPS or LED, GGS designs lighting systems for maximum coverage, energy efficiency and strategic growth.
  • Benches- All of our growing benches are built for easy assembly, installation, and use. Our benches are manufactured for rolling and stationary positions and can be made with metal covers, irrigation channels, flow-managing trays, and more specifications.
  • Accessories- GGS has additional supplies and equipment for more specialized needs of individual growers, including curtain systems, insect nets, dehumidifiers, fabric covers and more.

GGS believes agriculture businesses of every size and type need facilities that manage complex processes and streamline operations as much as possible. Our turnkey design approach for industrial greenhouses helps farmers increase their efficiency and output in frameworks specifically designed for them.


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