10 Steps for Recovering From Disaster

When the early winter snow storm hit western New York State with more than a year’s worth of snow in 3 days, roofs of houses came down, cars were buried, people were stranded, and some greenhouses collapsed. These events are traumatic and heart breaking and it is easy to wonder how on earth you would get through such a disaster.  

Handling Bad PR on the Farm

At what point did our society decide that actors were the all-knowing expert on all topics?

Eva Longoria, who may or may not have ever been on a tomato farm, has apparently taken upon herself the plight of the American Farm Worker, specifically targeting Florida tomato growers as evil abusive corporations. And while it is good to see that she is using her master’s degree in Chicano Studies to bring forward issues in the Latin American community, it hardly makes her an expert on farm management.

Why Agriculture Technology is the Next Big Thing

In the numerous pitches that I have sat through, I have often heard VC’s draw a distinction between “Must Have” solutions and “Nice to Have” solutions. “Must Have” solutions address real world problems; Nice-To-Have solutions might make life easier, but nobody will miss them.

A Hot Trend for 2014: The Felfie?

Most of us are familiar with one of the more popular, if not irritating buzzwords of 2013 - the Selfie - a typically self-indulgent photo that people take of themselves, usually with their cell phone, and often in front of the mirror or to show their friends what they're doing at any given moment -- and of course posted on their favorite social networks.


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