Lettuce Talk - Greenhouse Blog Series

Leafy Greens and lettuce have been an established greenhouse grown product for some time but it has only been in the last short while that its potential as a major greenhouse crop has begun to be realized with expanding growth and opportunity.

We have seen the greenhouse lettuce production take off, mature, modernize almost overnight thanks to a number of influencing factors.

planting flower

2020, Year of the Gardener

Finally some warmer spring weather is in the forecast. As an avid gardener it is great to get out and start the flower gardens, patio pots and vegetable garden ready for planting. In past years as a commercial greenhouse grower, getting ready for spring started in November with seeding and propagating getting the array of spring flowers and vegetable plants grown for spring sales. Then I sold my greenhouse, started a new career here at GGS helping other growers plan their new greenhouses for their plant businesses.

Introducing Greenhouse Gym Stuff

As Covid-19 continues to spread, it is creating many unfamiliar challenges. As we are all doing our part to continue social distancing, many of us find ourselves stuck at home with no gym or exercise activities to maintain good health. Luckily, GGS is expanding their product lines to help with this new demand for indoor home gym equipment.

After weeks of development and adapting our current product, we are proud to introduce our new department at GGS that will focus on developing our “Greenhouse Gym Stuff” line.

3 Main Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, more growers have realized that optimal growing happens in greenhouse environments. Even growers who began their indoor grow operations in warehouses have transitioned to greenhouses for more efficient growing and major cost savings.

Here are just a few of the key benefits to growing your cannabis crops in greenhouses:

6 Tips for getting the most out of your Integrated Control System

Managing all of the environmental factors in a commercial greenhouse is a lot to take care of when you’re trying to grow continuously high quality crops. This is why more growers are choosing an integrated environmental computer system that controls all of their environmental factors cohesively. An integrated system eases a lot of the burden and challenges growers face trying to manage all of these factors by keeping your system attuned to the needs of your crop without the need for constant monitoring and adjustment. A fully integrated system will help to build consistent and predictable cycles that will maintain an ideal growing environment.

Outdoor VS. Greenhouse Hemp Production: Which is Best?

Hemp is usually grown in mass quantities outdoors for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, fuel, construction and biodegradable plastics, but as more people are recognizing the health benefits of hemp and CBD, more hemp cultivators are choosing to grow their crops in greenhouses. There are cases to be made for both outdoor and greenhouse hemp production, but which option is best? The following is a look at the differences between outdoor and greenhouse hemp cultivation:


Maximizing Heating System Efficiency in your Commercial Greenhouse

As we head into October, the cooler days signify that heating season is here. Heating your greenhouse is a necessary reality for commercial growers to maintain an ideal climate for their crops, but with energy prices on the rise, warming the greenhouse can be a costly endeavor. Growers must ensure they're getting the most out of their heating system and often maintaining efficiency involved simple maintenance. Here is quick checklist to maximize the efficiency of your greenhouse heating system:


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