#LetsTalk About the Effect Flowers Have on Mental Health and Well-Being

It turns out that the 1960s activists who chanted "flower power" were onto something important, in more ways than they probably knew. Flowers, just like peace, are good for our mental health.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and end the stigma that surrounds them. Mental health issues such as depression affect not only the individuals, but those around them as well, and it’s important to recognize these as we would a physical illness.

Biomass Heating : An Energy Alternative for Commercial Greenhouses

There is a current trend that has caused more and more commercial greenhouse growers to switch their oil and propane powered boilers to biomass systems. The factors that are leading to such changes are simple: in areas where natural gas is not accessible, the options of oil, propane or electricity to heat a commercial greenhouse are becoming far too expensive, in some cases there is a biomass supply close to the greenhouse location, and there has been growing government incentive toward sustainability.

Protect Your Crops from the Elements with High Tunnel Crop Protectors

Although we have generally experienced a milder winter so far, in the new year we can expect the weather to turn much colder and field crop farmers are likely to be looking for solutions to help protect their yields.

High Tunnels like the GGS Crop Protector are used by growers for this very reason. Though not a load bearing house ( ie. It is not designed to hold snow or support a crop ), these crop protectors are designed to cover crops in shoulder seasons when frost damage can dramatically affect a farmer’s bottom line.

7 Reasons Nursery Growers Should Be Growing In Gutter Connected Poly Greenhouses

Many nursery growers grow and overwinter strictly in ground to ground hoop houses, but some progressive nursery growers over the last several years have been looking more and more to gutter connected poly greenhouses.  Here are 7 reasons you may want to consider a gutter connected greenhouse for your next nursery expansion.

Supplemental Lighting Considerations for a Commercial Greenhouse

Maximizing lighting efficiency is a major concern for many growers who rely on supplemental lighting in their greenhouse. Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing and maintaining your lamps. The lighting you choose depends on many things like what developmental stage your plants will be grown to, whether the plants receive light from other radiation sources, and the photoperiod length per day for your plant.


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