Greenhouse Crops With Maximum Profit Growth Potential

Back in the summer of 2013 I wrote an article titled What Can I Grow in a Greenhouse? The focus was to highlight some of the unique uses for greenhouses that we have encountered in our 35+ years of helping greenhouse growers grow their businesses. Many of the greenhouse products suggested back then still show promise for profitable growth today, and a few new ones have emerged.

6 Greenhouse Production Inefficiencies Eating Away Your Profits

Commercial growers are constantly challenged to improve production efficiencies on every possible angle. Competition is stiff, and growers must continually find ways to improve in order to remain competitive in their market. Saving even a fraction of a cent here and there goes a long way when you’re producing in high volume. Here are 6 of the most common production inefficiencies greenhouse growers face.

10 Steps for Recovering From Disaster

When the early winter snow storm hit western New York State with more than a year’s worth of snow in 3 days, roofs of houses came down, cars were buried, people were stranded, and some greenhouses collapsed. These events are traumatic and heart breaking and it is easy to wonder how on earth you would get through such a disaster.  

Cannabis Greenhouse vs Marijuana Warehouse Growing

Outside of how location plays a role in the security of a cannabis facility, greenhouses are also not typically designed to be high security buildings. Glass, polycarbonate, and poly walls can be penetrated much easier than a concrete block warehouse wall.  All cannabis growing sites need top of the line security cameras, vaults, alarm systems, etc.  Greenhouses need to add perimeter fencing and while this helps keeping thieves out, it also identifies the contents of the greenhouse.


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