Leaders in the cannabis industry celebrate International Women's Day

Women have always played an important role in horticulture as business leaders, breeders, growers, marketers, researchers and owners of commercial businesses. As the industry continues to evolve, more and more women are being recruited into the workforce and into leadership roles.

As a top manufacturer of commercial greenhouse facilities, structures and equipment, GGS is proud to use the talents and fresh perspectives of our female employees.

GGS is 75% women owned, and 50% of our senior management are women.

Cannabis Consulting: What Medical Marijuana Growers Need To Know

In designing an efficient facility to grow medical marijuana, it is important that a well thought out plan is prepared and agreed to. Without this the cost of the project will escalate far above the budget. This plan needs to take into consideration all the requirements outlined in the regulations prepared by the governing body and the regulations of the municipality where the facility will be constructed.

Biomass Heating : An Energy Alternative for Commercial Greenhouses

There is a current trend that has caused more and more commercial greenhouse growers to switch their oil and propane powered boilers to biomass systems. The factors that are leading to such changes are simple: in areas where natural gas is not accessible, the options of oil, propane or electricity to heat a commercial greenhouse are becoming far too expensive, in some cases there is a biomass supply close to the greenhouse location, and there has been growing government incentive toward sustainability.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Medical Marijuana Growers Make when Setting up a Growing Facility

If you are getting your benching from one supplier, irrigation from another, and lights from someone else. Who is coordinating everything? Did you make sure that the benches are being designed to suit the irrigation system you chose? Did you make sure to define all the sensors you are using, and did you make sure not to forget to qualify whether the irrigation sensors are supplied by the irrigation company or the computer company. Is the company who is installing your air filtration and cooling systems completely aware of every detail in your lights, or did you forget something that will create a difference in the heat output and throw off your whole system? The automated growing equipment available to commercial growers when properly designed as an integrated system can not only provide better traceability and uniform quality, it can increase the amount of production.

5 Steps For Planning A Successful Greenhouse Expansion

In the past we've talked about retrofitting your greenhouse. When retrofitting your greenhouse is not the answer a new construction expansion may be more what you need. Planning a construction project from the ground up involves a lot of details that you may not deal with on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to use your greenhouse manufacturer and greenhouse construction company to help you with the planning process..

Canada's Medical Marijuana Home Grow Regulations Come into Effect Today - Is it a Viable Small Business Model?

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) comes into effect today. In essence this allows Canadian medical marijuana patients to grow their own or select an independent grower to grow for them, rather than by purchasing through large scale licensed producers. This is the federal government’s response to the Supreme Court ruling that made affordable access to cannabis medicine a human right.


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