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Greenhouse Mushroom Production

In our previous post, we discussed the advantages of growing mushrooms in greenhouses.

It is essential that we take the time to understand mushrooms better to make informed decisions about our production. We must consider all aspects of mushroom quality, from texture and flavor to color and size. You must take the time to understand mushrooms better to make informed decisions about your production because all aspects of mushroom quality are significant.

4 Steps to Maintain Energy Efficiency

Commercial greenhouse growers, for the most part, have had a good 2021.  With everyone still hesitant to change their tendencies of staying close to home, spring plant sales were good. Potted crops and other floral crops have moved well.

Energy cost increases, supply chain delays, labor shortages and significant jumps in most input and shipping costs are potential issues affecting the industry.

Is Your Greenhouse Winter Ready?

With Winter around the corner, colder weather and shorter days are on their way. It’s a good time to re-post a relevant blog on tips for preparing for the coming seasonal changes.

For areas that experience significantly colder weather and snow during the fall and winter seasons, it’s important to prepare your greenhouses so your crops are protected. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your commercial greenhouse operation for the fall and winter:

Tidy up

Part 2 - Lettuce Blog

Optimizing Lettuce Growth with the Right Environment

We want to be able to produce a top quality crop of leafy greens economically, quickly and repeatedly. In Part One of the Lettuce Blog Series we discussed the Greenhouse Structures to provide the best possible space for growing, now let’s consider setting up the inputs to create the best possible growing environment in that greenhouse.

flowers in a greenhouse

4 Tips for dealing with greenhouse heating issues

Year-round commercial greenhouse operations require reliable structures and heating systems that will ensure optimal growing conditions through the winter season. To accommodate the amount of energy that’s required to operate a greenhouse in the cold season, it’s important that your heating system is running as efficiently as possible. If you don’t, an inefficient heating system in your greenhouse will result in wasted energy that will negatively impact your bottom line. You can maintain and increase efficiency in your greenhouse by following the recommendations below:


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