GGS Structures to Speak at Tribal Conference (Marijuana Investor News)

ONTARIO, Oct. 22, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — GGS Structures Inc. is pleased to confirm that Michael Camplin will be presenting at the Monarch America first educational seminar in conjunction with the Santee Sioux Tribe of Flandreau, South Dakota, October 26-28. Mr. Camplin will be presenting on advanced cultivation facility designs in greenhouses and indoor grow facilities.

Canada: with legalization on the horizon, pot entrepreneurs are keen to turn Canada into a marijuana leader (The Globe & Mail)

It’s not just the licensed producers that stand to gain from a change in medical marijuana policy.

Leigh Coulter, president and co-owner of GGS Structures, which builds greenhouses for marijuana operations and other agricultural products, anticipates major growth for her small business after last night’s election. “This is an extension and a chance to let the world know Canada will be a leader,” she said. “We will develop the technologies to ensure that this is a crop of great revenue potential.”

GGS Supports the Be World Ready Program with Greenhouse Donation

Bill MacDonald, Horticulture professor at Niagara College reports that progress is going well in the Dominican Republic where Niagara College has been working with the local coffee association, ASOCAES, in the town of Los Cacaos. Coffee production has declined significantly due to coffee rust and there is a great need to diversify the local economy.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Bob Martin from Martin Farms and Gerry Harrison from GGS watch as Bob’s grandson Lark gets instructions on how to operate a C7 Assault Rifle from Warrant Officer Starkis during a break in the tactical training exercises performed last weekend at the GGS factory in Vineland Station, Ontario.

Thinking big, going global (Hamilton Business)

Leigh Coulter got the call on a Friday afternoon.

The Japanese customer she had been working with for months wanted to meet with her in person — on Monday.

Coulter, owner of Growers Greenhouse Supplies (GGS) in Vineland, had been working with the Japanese firm on bid pricing for a project.


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