Design, Manufacturing and Construction
of Commercial Greenhouses

For commercial greenhouse structures in plastic, polycarbonate or glass, including high tunnel crop protectors and cold frames as well as designs & plans, coveralls and benches, hydroponic grower supplies and more -- all in one place -- contact GGS Structures. Contact us at (905) 562-7341 to learn why we're the leaders in the greenhouse industry.

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Cold Frame

Our cold frames, constructed of high quality steel, make excellent structures for small to medium sized growing operations, overwintering crops or nursery production.

Commercial Greenhouse

When our customers are successful in their commerical greenhouse operations, we know we did our job. Read some of our success stories to learn how we can design and build the right greenhouse for your operation.


Our fabric covered buildings, suitable for a range of uses, are easily constructed but designed and engineered for unmatched strength, and built to last.

Glass Greenhouse

A greenhouse that features curved glass offers the ultimate growing environment with high light levels, up to 50% roof ventilation and virtually no condensation drip.


At GGS, we always work with the grower to design the green house that is best for the local environment, whether your challenge is humidity, cold, heat, or all of the above. Many satisfied customers agree that GGS provides incredible value in every structure we build.

Greenhouse Benches

We've thought of everything in designing our benches, from the snap together profiles right down to the mitered corners to protect customers or workers from cloting rips.

Greenhouse Construction

Whether you're looking for a supervisor to set anchor posts, or guide your workers, or a complete turnkey project, our skilled greenhouse crews are available for all your construction needs.

Greenhouse Design

One of the most important components of a greenhouse is the design of the heating system. Balancing root temperatures & air temperatures, and controlling humidity are the keys to providing an optimal growing environment.

Greenhouse Manufacturers

Years of experience in manufacturing greenhouse structures for retail garden centers have given GGS the knowledge to assist you, from initial concept design, to engineering, to assisting you with building permits, right through construction to the all important Grand Opening Ceremony!

Greenhouse Plans

All of our greenhouse structures come with a complete set of construction plan blueprints. Custom products and designs are available for all applications. Whatever your needs, GGS welcomes the opportunity to help find the solution.

Greenhouse Plastic

An economical way to increase your floor space for additional crops or storage is with a plastic greenhouse lean-to, which has the added benefit of being easy both to attach and to relocate.

Greenhouse Structures

GGS has been designing, manufacturing and installing a variety of greenhouse structures to suit any grower need since 1979. Our uncompromising quality is just one of the reasons for our success.

Greenhouse Supplies

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Growers Supply

There are many ways to retrofit greenhouse products into your grower operation that will improve productivity, increase production, improve the growing environment, or reduce operating costs. Talk to the experts at GGS to learn more.

High Tunnel

Our high tunnel crop protector can be custom sized to work with your row spacing and heights and is easily installed to provide cost effective temporary cover for your crops.

Hydroponic Greenhouse

A GGS sales rep will be happy to work with you on a custom greenhouse. We can also help you with repairs, upgrades, retrofits and maintenance on any greenhouse, whether it's one of ours or not.

Plastic Greenhouse

The most economical greenhouse design for large growers and also a versatile construction is a plastic gutter connected structure.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Polycarbonate is a less expensive alternative to acrylic or glass for your greenhouse construction, but it has a lower light transmission and shorter life span..

At GGS Structures, we make it our job to ensure you get the best growing environment for your individual needs, whether that means glass or plastic, a cold frame, high tunnel or widespan design. If you have built with other greenhouse manufacturers, let us show you the GGS difference. Fill out the following form and one of our greenhouse professionals will be in touch with you shortly.

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