Our top priority is the quality of your plant environment. At GGS Structures, we are commercial greenhouse builders and designers with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment. We offer the highest-quality structures, including Cold Frame, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, Venlo-Style Greenhouses, Wide-Span Greenhouses, Curved Glass Greenhouses for sale, and Poly Covered Greenhouses with Gutters.

Project Description

This greenhouse design protects crops from harsh weather conditions and helps maintain production during off-season periods. High-tunnel crop protectors are an affordable and convenient option for commercial growers.


High tunnel Crop Protectors

When it comes to shielding crops from weather and maintaining production in off-season periods, high tunnels are highly affordable options that give farmers flexibility in arrangement and location. GGS crop protectors provide field growers with affordable crop coverage for shoulder season production.

High tunnels guard crops against the conditions brought on by shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, especially frost. This can extend a farmer’s annual growing calendar, allowing them to plant a little early, and continuing harvesting once the field crops are done. By getting their crops to market earlier and later in the season, not only does a farmer produce more for sale, they also get their crops to market when prices are at a premium.

High tunnels are easy to construct, maximize land coverage, allow for custom irrigation systems, can cover a wide range of space and size, and have a lower initial investment than greenhouses. They're ideal small-farm solutions for growing berries, tomatoes, lettuce, cut flowers, and rugged plants. These crops remain uncovered during summer and winter seasons so land farm care remains the same as for traditional field crops.

  • Extends the growing season - crops will benefit from both an earlier spring harvest, and a longer fall/winter season
  • Provides frost protection, better environmental control, and significant yield gains
  • Reduces moisture, which helps prevent botrytis, mildew, and other moisture related diseases
  • Reduction in scorch and bleaching of produce, and reduces the need for pesticides
  • The Open roof system enables you to ventilate much faster than most competing products
  • Fully customizable to your existing crop - can be sized to work with any row spacing, and with varying heights
  • Easily installable - our posts with auger ends easily twist into soil. Arches, gutters and purlins all bolt together with ease
  • Wirelock on the gutter provides a better seal
  • Cost effective temporary cover for non-loadbearing applications


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