The perfect growing environment. Whether you are looking for a Coldframe, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, or a Venlo, Curved Glass or Poly Covered Gutter Connected structure, when designing a greenhouse structure we start with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment.

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As a floriculture grower you understand the importance of crop ready timing. Your greenhouse environment needs to be designed to meet the needs of your crop and yet provide the flexibility to change the crop mix as market demands shift. Whether it be by designing separate zones under one roof or providing a series of different greenhouse ranges, GGS works with you to integrate all the growing systems in order to ensure your plants will thrive. Built strong GGS greenhouses have been designed for arctic snows, and hurricane winds. Our superior strength trusses are ideal for adding double or triple hung baskets, and our extensive product line includes numerous styles and widths of greenhouses, as well as benches, shade and blackout systems. Offering a complete line of greenhouse structures, with GGS you can choose from glass, poly and polycarbonate gutter connected greenhouses to freestanding greenhouses, to shade structures.

The GGS team has assisted some of the world’s largest floriculture growers in designing and building greenhouse environments for beautiful plants.

Benefits of using a commercial floriculture greenhouse

Growing flowers or ornamental plants is work that requires close attention to detail, all of which are different for each crop. A floriculture growing facility from GGS Structures is best suited to help farmers maintain thriving, healthy plants, thanks to the many specific advantages it provides.

  1. Creating the ideal environment. Floriculture greenhouse design allows a farmer the chance to optimize conditions, away from the scourges of pests and outside contaminants.
  2. More control over heat and humidity. A floriculture structure allows a farmer to manage climate conditions for each crop to ensure optimal growth.
  3. More efficient use of resources. With more centralized growing areas and crop arrangement, a farmer has greater ability to deploy proper irrigation, soil placement, and equipment for each plant.
  4. Ability to grow off-season crops. A commercial greenhouse has its own ecosystem, allowing a farmer the chance to raise plants of any kind no matter what the outside weather is like.
  5. Ensuring appropriate space. An industrial floriculture greenhouse lets a farmer set up space that allows them to give each crop the room it needs.
  6. Consistent growth of plants. Better regulation and control of conditions make for a better chance of producing high-quality plants time after time.
  7. Promoting environmentalism. With a commercial floriculture greenhouse, a farmer can grow flowers and plants in an eco-friendly way—which in turn allows them to market themselves as a sustainable, organic business.


Greenhouse options for your floriculture growing facility

GGS Structures offers several choices of designs best suited for professional floriculture growers of all sizes and types.

- Gutter connected poly greenhouses- These structures are ideal in helping farmers maintain condensation, regulate growing climate, and maximize airflow for a vast range of flowers and plants. Their single-piece arch construction, formed into Gothic-style peaks, are built to resist and shed harsh cold-weather elements like snow and ice. Each gutter connected greenhouse from GGS Structures is easily customizable, with several options for natural or forced ventilation.

Gutter connected poly greenhouses are sensible fits for farmers seeking to grow their businesses or offer more variety in their produce. Their spaciousness and versatility allow for several different climate conditions or growing zones under the same roof. They're also conducive to the expansion of farming operations, as they easily conform to existing land, support growing ability, and increase cost-effectiveness.

- Curved glass greenhouses- Curved glass greenhouses from GGS Structures provide a high-quality growing environment for several varieties of flowers and plants. The tempered glass cover allows for a high volume of natural light. Its built-in tracks, gutters, and glazing bars help eliminate the presence of excessive moisture by diverting condensation outside of the structure. With continuous double-ridge vents, curved glass greenhouses allow up to 50% total roof ventilation.

GGS Structures' curved glass greenhouses also help farmers maximize their growing space, with multiple options for hanging and high-growing plants. Produced with galvanized steel frames and quality materials, they’re built to withstand outdoor conditions and resist corrosion.

- Freestanding greenhouses- The perfect environments for optimal growth in any growing climate, freestanding greenhouses are especially for commercial farmers who need to simulate a multitude of growing environments for great varieties of plants. Their three-piece arch design makes the most of available space and allows for the inclusion of hanging baskets or bench crops. Freestanding greenhouses encourage the more natural flow of air with swinging side and double-ridge ventilation.

Things to consider before designing a floriculture structure

GGS Structures designs greenhouses for farmers of all sizes and types. To arrive at the best solution for your floriculture business, take some time to think about the nature of your business, your goals, and the special needs you have with your unique growing environment.

  1. Features. Roof construction, arches, ventilation, condensation control, and optional accessories are all features that can enhance and maximize your greenhouse’s efficiency and production.
  2. Crops. Each flower or plant you grow has specific needs in climate, care, and required space.
  3. Zoning regulations. Construction of your greenhouse may be impacted or limited by local ordinances or guidelines about where they can be built. Consult with zone enforcement officials before making design decisions.
  4. Utility access. Your greenhouse may have special electrical, heating, fueling, or telephone needs. Consider which design makes utility access more convenient or affordable.
  5. Growing period. Greenhouses typically allow for more year-round growing, but it’s still worth thinking about particular crops that may thrive during off-season times.
  6. Growing containers and media. Certain flowers are more amenable to being raised in troughs, pots, beds, flats, or other arrangements. Also consider whether they'll grow in soil, compost, custom nutrient solutions, or other substances.
  7. Growing system. Greenhouses can be customized for optimal movability and access, whether you use fixed benches, portable benches, floor units, beds, or other structures.
  8. Projected yield. Your greenhouse should be built to specifications that allow for the best balance of produce amount and quality.
  9. Costs and capital. Just like every other asset in your floriculture business, your greenhouse should reflect the reasonable balance of investment and projected revenue.

A variety of customizable solutions for your floriculture growing facility

GGS Structures has solutions that cater to every aspect of every floricultural business imaginable. Our greenhouses are designed with frameworks that allow for maximum adaptability for all crops and the situations farmers face:

  1. Construction styles - We design buildings with curved, gothic or A-frame roofs and tempered glass, freestanding or connectable structures, varieties of high-quality, galvanized steel frames, and more.
  2. Ventilation - GGS Structures can build raised gutter vents, swinging side vents, gable vents, rollup sides, manual or automatic openers, and more.
  3. Lighting - Our greenhouse structures can be built to maximize natural light, simulate light artificially, or balance both elements.
  4. Heating systems - Overhead, in-floor, under-bench, or perimeter heating is available to our customers.
  5. Shading - We have a variety of freestanding or installable structures to provide the best conditions for growth.
  6. Irrigation and condensation control - Irrigation gutters, dehumidifiers, fans, and mechanical options help maintain ideal moisture conditions.

GGS Structures allows each of our customers the chance to design their dream greenhouse to suit every one of their floricultural needs.

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