Annual Forces & Families CAF Appreciation Day Thank You (The Globe and Mail Metro - Ontario Edition)

GGS is a proud sponsor of the Annual Forces & Families appreciation day event. GGS is proud to support our Canadian Forces. Previously we offered use of our facilities to the army reserve as a show of support for all the military’s ongoing efforts and commitment to Canada. Also supporting military veteran organizations through special discounts, charity drives, and other donations throughout the year.

Video: Legal marijuana market attracting growing field of savvy investors (Global News)

The recently elected Liberal government has made few tangible moves to realize Justin Trudeau’s plans to legalize marijuana, but the mere prospect of legal pot has investors and business owners springing up like, well… weeds.

Leigh Coulter, the president of greenhouse company GGS Structures says the legal marijuana market started heating up the moment Trudeau’s Liberals won last October’s election.

GGS Launches New Division to Assist Governments in Developing Standards for Cannabis Cultivation (420 Intel)

From their factory in Ontario Canada, GGS Structures President, Leigh Coulter has announced the formation of a new division to help governmental agencies develop standards for cannabis cultivation. “While Colorado has done a tremendous job of showing the world that a legal, regulated, cannabis industry is socially viable and economically beneficial, the recent surge of pesticide problems has brought to light a significant gap in their regulatory standards for plant cultivation.” stated Ms. Coulter “As more countries around the world move towards developing a legal, regulated, cannabis industry, there is a clear and present need for knowledgable assistance in understanding how to build quality control at every stage of plant growth.”


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