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Backyard rinks to beat the winter blues.

Many of us typically dread winter, reportedly up to months before it actually begins.

This year especially, after months of isolation for many and taking advantage of the summer weather with outdoor gatherings, the cold winter months on the way are becoming concerning. Psychologists are beginning to worry about our mental and physical health with the combination of shorter days, colder weather, and ongoing pandemic precautions.

But regardless of our concerns, winter is coming no matter what we do about it. So how can we prepare ourselves? Keep up with community connections, whether through technology or safely in person. Find some new creative hobbies. Continue getting outside as much as we can, fresh air and nature can still be effective even with some hats and mitts! 

skating rink

Here at GGS, we think we have found a perfect solution to tick off most of these suggestions with the ultimate winter DIY winter project.

Why not spend this winter, dreading summers’ return, with your very own backyard skating rink. Our GGS Nursery Film for greenhouses is durable and holds water making it ideal for creating backyard skating rinks.

With a tough year coming to an end, getting outside and gathering safely with friends and family will be more essential than ever. This would be an excellent way to stay active during the winter months of a pandemic. If you have never had the ultimate dream of a personal skating rink, why not fulfil those dreams this year?

Get ready because winter is just around the corner. Contact us to order your skating rink base today!

Get your new skating rink in just 7 steps or less:

  1.  Starting with the right location is key. Choose an area that is flat, free from rocks obstructions and low overhanging branches. This reduces falling debris and skater injuries
  2. Next install your side barrier walls. Remember to pound in any stakes before the ground freezes, Before December would be best
  3. Pick up your GGS White Poly Liner. Contact Us for pricing
    • It is 3mil thick and is a durable material that won’t tear easily and will reflect any light, so it stays cold
    • The sizes we stock are:

32’ x 100’

50’ x 100’

  1. Spread the liner out to mark out where the rink will be located. Do not secure it until you have spread it across the entire area
  2. Clear debris from the surface continually
  3. Fill in the liner with water. It’s up to you whether to fill in by layers or all at once.
  4. Consider other accents to perfect your outdoor skating experience, like exterior lighting for night-time skating, benches, goalie posts for practice, or speakers to perfect your Olympic dance routine.

Once you’ve set up your new Skating Rink, send us a picture via social media for us to see! We can’t wait to see your family enjoying their favourite new hobby.

We hope everyone is staying safe and active.


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