Marijuana: Not Enough Research

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While the debates around the cannabis plant are heated and varied, one thing that all opinions appear to agree with is: there is not enough research to date.

There is not enough research to know the effects on the adolescent mind, there is not enough research to prove the benefits for Alzheimer’s patients, or Epilepsy, or Parkinson’s sufferers, or soldiers with PTSD. The anti-pot campaign wants more research before we risk exposing innocents to a new drug. The Pro-cannabis side argues that research has been stifled to perpetuate a myth of “Reefer Madness”. And everyone should want to understand more about the benefits of THC, CBD, and the other 83 active cannabinoids that have already been identified in cannabis.

The citizens of the world, are no longer willing to wait for clinical trials and more research. Voters are casting their ballots in response to enormous amounts of anecdotal evidence that shows marijuana has valid and just medical benefits for millions of sufferers. The movement has spread throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, Spain, Uruguay, Columbia, South Africa and more.


 For the times they are a-changin’!


So where do we go from here?  If we can all agree there is not enough research then focus needs to be placed on doing research.  Our sister company, JGS Limited is a worldwide leader in the design of technologically advanced research environments.  With a focus on building facilities that empower plant scientists to study and innovate, JGS has worked with many of the leading Agricultural Research institutes. 

Companies and individuals looking to encourage cannabis plant research should start a dialog with one or more of these Agricultural Science Universities, which according to US News, have been ranked as the Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences. Clinical research starts with plant life science research. Together we can make a difference.  We have placed a leaf beside those universities that we are currently aware have a cannabis research program in place or plans to start one.


University of Guelph marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

University of British Columbia marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

University of Alberta

McGill University marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

University of Saskatchewan

University of Manitoba

University of Toronto



United States 

University of California-Davis marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

Cornell University

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

University of Florida

Harvard University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Rutgers State University

Tufts University

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

University of Georgia

Michigan State University

Pennsylvania State University marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

Washington State University

North Carolina State University

University of California--Berkeley

Purdue University

Ohio State University

Iowa State University

Texas A&M University-College Station

Oregon State University

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kansas State University

Colorado State University

University of Maryland-College Park

University of Arizona

Johns Hopkins University marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research


University of Western Australia

University of Queensland Australia

University of Adelaide

University of Sydney marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research

University of Melbourne




University of Bodenkultur Wien




Ghent University

KU Leuven




Universidade de São Paulo

Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Universidade Estadual Paulista

Universidade Federal de Viçosa




China Agricultural University

Zhejiang University

Nanjing Agricultural University

South China University of Technology

Jiangnan University

Northwest A&F University-China

Huazhong Agricultural University




University of Copenhagen

Aarhus University

Technical University of Denmark

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Containment Greenhouses environmental compartments


University of Helsinki




University Hohenheim

Technical University of Munich

University of Bonn

University of Kiel




Agricultural University of Athens




University of Tehran

University of Göttingen




University College Cork

University College Dublin




Hebrew University of Jerusalem marijuana leaf denotes cannabis research




University of Milan

University of Bologna

University of Naples Federico II

University of Padua




University of Tokyo

Kyoto University

Hokkaido University




Universiti Putra Malaysia


Wageningen University and Research Center

VU University Amsterdam

Utrecht University

Maastricht University



New Zealand 

Massey University




Universidade do Porto

Universidade de Lisboa



South Korea 

Seoul National University




University of Barcelona

University of Valencia

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Universitat de Lleida

Universidad de Cordoba

University of Zaragoza

Autonomous University of Barcelona




Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Lund University




Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich




National Taiwan University

National Chung Hsing University

China Medical University Taiwan

Research Greenhouse Rooftop Greenhouse

United Kingdom 

University of Reading

University of East Anglia

University of Aberdeen

University of Nottingham


While, Agricultural Universities are a good starting place for all plant science research including cannabis research, it is not the only place to look.  The University of California's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) is set up in San Diego with the purpose of coordinating scientific studies to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical conditions.

Of course Colorado is currently the most active area in North America, with health officials having recommended funding 8 different cannabis research studies, two of which will study the effects on childhood epilepsy, and two others will research the benefits for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.  And while The University of Colorado has understandably benefited most from the funding proposals, The University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University in Baltimore have also benefited.

If you are aware of any additional Cannabis Research please comment below.  At GGS we are committed to helping growers grow.  We work with canabis growers to ensure your mother plants, cloning, and growing rooms are designed and built to ensure quality, and maximize yield.  Our sister company JGS works along side plant scientists to provide the most technologically advanced research greenhouses around the world.  Together we all can make a difference.





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