Choosing the right irrigation system for your marijuana greenhouse and indoor cannabis grow facility is important to the quality of your cannabis cultivation. At GGS, we offer a range of irrigation systems that can be tailored to suit your needs. All GGS systems are professionally designed and proven in the field.

  1. A manual system that sends water to your cannabis grow tables

This basic system involves hand mixing in a recipe tank with low cost pressure injectors and automatically pumps it to the table solenoids.

  • The marijuana grower can mix their own recipes or use premixed recipes
  • Recipes will be manually mixed into premix tanks
  • The grower can measure their own EC and PH levels
  • This system can be controlled with clock timers or can work on a pressure system with manual valves
  • This system works effectively for drip systems or hand watering in your marijuana facility

Agitators are recommended for this system to keep the recipes in suspension.

  1.  A semi-automated marijuana grow system with premixed solutions

This system involves premixed solutions being injected through a simple injection unit with a simple control unit.

  • EC and PH are automatically measured and controlled
  • The cannabis grower can manually input the timing and recipes into the control system for each zone and the rest is done automatically
  • This system works effectively for a drip system
  • With a semi-automated system, the grower has the option to have control over each zone in their cannabis grow facility but without having to manually irrigate the plants

3. A fully automated marijuana grow system

A fully automated system offers seamless irrigation for your cannabis grow facility, leaving nothing unchecked from start to finish.

  • The Fertigation unit will automatically pull from stock tanks which hold multiple recipes
  • This system will automatically measure and correct EC and PH levels ensure your marijuana plants are getting exactly what they need
  • The excess will automatically be recirculated through a filter and disinfection unit so that your recipes and water can be reused
  • This is a flexible system that can be used in any method of irrigating such as drip, flood and drain, etc.

A full automated system using a sophisticated control system provides peace of mind knowing that your marijuana plants are receiving the proper nutrients with far less labor.

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