How medical cannabis research indicates the growing need for plant-based research

The demand for cannabis is increasing exponentially but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the research to accompany that demand. As acceptance increases and more people turn to cannabis to treat a variety of medical symptoms, it seems there is more confusion than ever which is largely due to a lack of resources and government funding to provide quality research that provides information beyond mere anecdotal evidence.

That’s why it was such exciting news when a $9 million donation to split between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was made last month. The donation is said to be the largest private donation to go toward marijuana research and will help to fund both universities’ research into the basic biology of cannabis and how it affects the brain.

For institutions like Harvard and MIT to be on board and equipped with the resources to research the medical benefits of cannabis is a huge win for the entire industry and underscores the plant’s growing acceptance as a viable and legitimate medicine, but that is still only half the story. The need for more research into how cannabis can improve people’s lives will also require more in-depth plant research.

As demand continues to increase, and as a wider scope of medical symptoms and how they react with cannabis requires studying, growers will also need to find better cultivation methods, production efficiencies, and insect resistance to ensure the needs of society can be met safely and in a timely manner.

Greenhouse research facilities are designed with the best and newest technology to ensure that proper research can be conducted and is able to meet the needs of society. Right now the needs largely surround the benefits to ease medical symptoms but it’s very likely that plant-based research is also going to play a big role in the overall consumer experience. As society becomes more in tune with what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy in their cannabis, whether that’s smell or taste, cultivators will also need to cater to those specific demands.

rooftop reasearch greenhouse

JGS Limited, a sister company of GGS dedicated to building and advancing agricultural research facilities, has worked with local agricultural institutions currently conducting research on how to improve the taste and texture of fruits and vegetables for a better consumer experience. It’s likely that research institutions will need to do the same thing with cannabis in the very near future, to create cannabis flavor profiles that consumers enjoy.

At GGS, we have actively been involved in the emerging legal cannabis industry having worked with commercial cultivators in every U.S. state with legal cannabis in addition to helping several major Canadian Licensed Producers create their dream cannabis greenhouses, indoor marijuana grow operations and hybrid greenhouses. We have also always understood the importance of research in the cannabis industry to ensure producers have the tools to grow high quality marijuana. JGS Limited, is a global leader in designing as well as building plant science research facilities and for more than 30 years, JGS has built research greenhouses for governments, universities and biotech companies around the world.

GGS has over 40 years of experience designing and building greenhouses and having spent the last decade working with cannabis growers, we support the idea that people can choose how to take care of themselves, and if that method is cannabis, people should know that they have access to a safe product. We look forward to being able to provide more cannabis research organizations with the necessary technology to make discoveries that will help people.

To learn more about research greenhouses, visit JGS Limited or contact our GGS marijuana cultivation experts to assist in designing your marijuana cultivation facilities.

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