How medical cannabis research indicates the growing need for plant-based research

The demand for cannabis is increasing exponentially but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the research to accompany that demand. As acceptance increases and more people turn to cannabis to treat a variety of medical symptoms, it seems there is more confusion than ever which is largely due to a lack of resources and government funding to provide quality research that provides information beyond mere anecdotal evidence.

$10 billion in legal cannabis sales, is there still room to grow?

The legal recreational and medical cannabis industries have seen no shortage of excitement over the last few years with more countries and states consistently advancing new laws and with jobs in either sector growing faster than both the tech and healthcare sectors. Of course, this is hardly a surprise when you take a look at the dollar figures being generated by the legal industry.

4 Benefits of automated control systems in a commercial greenhouse

From semi-automatic control systems, to fully automatic control systems, more and more growers are seeing the benefits that automation brings to their growing environments.

Here are a few of the reasons to consider automating the environmental controls in your commercial greenhouse:

Cannabis Consulting: What Medical Marijuana Growers Need To Know

In designing an efficient facility to grow medical marijuana, it is important that a well thought out plan is prepared and agreed to. Without this the cost of the project will escalate far above the budget. This plan needs to take into consideration all the requirements outlined in the regulations prepared by the governing body and the regulations of the municipality where the facility will be constructed.

Free Webinar Today: Understanding The Profit Potential For Cannabis Greenhouse Growers

When Jim McCann, the CEO of 1-800-Flowers, admits that he is concerned about his supply chain now that many flower growers are tempted by the huge potential from growing cannabis, you know this is an industry greenhouse growers need to pay attention to. On Fox News show Morning with Maria, McCann expressed particular concern about large growers in California, Colorado and Oregon who are already considering ‘Maybe I can switch to cannabis and get 10 times on the revenue line.’ “That’s a big concern of ours.”


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