4 Steps to Maintain Energy Efficiency

Commercial greenhouse growers, for the most part, have had a good 2021.  With everyone still hesitant to change their tendencies of staying close to home, spring plant sales were good. Potted crops and other floral crops have moved well.

Energy cost increases, supply chain delays, labor shortages and significant jumps in most input and shipping costs are potential issues affecting the industry.

Pipp Horticulture Acquires the GGS Group of Companies

Pipp Horticulture (a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc.) (“Pipp”), the leading provider of space-saving, multi-level mobile cultivation systems, announced today that it has acquired the GGS Group of Companies (“GGS”). Based in Vineland Station, Ontario, GGS is one of the most recognized names in the Horticulture industry. They have been the leading manufacturer of top-quality greenhouses and turnkey greenhouse growing solutions including traditional rolling benches, heating and ventilation systems, and curtain systems.

Hockey net with game on comment

Backyard rinks to beat the winter blues.

Many of us typically dread winter, reportedly up to months before it actually begins.

This year especially, after months of isolation for many and taking advantage of the summer weather with outdoor gatherings, the cold winter months on the way are becoming concerning. Psychologists are beginning to worry about our mental and physical health with the combination of shorter days, colder weather, and ongoing pandemic precautions.

Is Your Greenhouse Winter Ready?

With Winter around the corner, colder weather and shorter days are on their way. It’s a good time to re-post a relevant blog on tips for preparing for the coming seasonal changes.

For areas that experience significantly colder weather and snow during the fall and winter seasons, it’s important to prepare your greenhouses so your crops are protected. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your commercial greenhouse operation for the fall and winter:

Tidy up