Pulling the Plan together for Successful Lettuce Growing

From our prospective as greenhouse manufacturers, at GGS, this series of articles has covered most of the key inputs needed for setting up and preparing for leafy green production. We have a team of very experienced staff and partners that know how to plan and implement the manufacturing, construction and ready for starting up growing plans for a facility. There are a number of other factors that need to be considered with additional expertise is required to put it all together.

Part 2 - Lettuce Blog

Optimizing Lettuce Growth with the Right Environment

We want to be able to produce a top quality crop of leafy greens economically, quickly and repeatedly. In Part One of the Lettuce Blog Series we discussed the Greenhouse Structures to provide the best possible space for growing, now let’s consider setting up the inputs to create the best possible growing environment in that greenhouse.

Greenhouses and Glazing for Better Lettuce Growing

There is no question that the production of greenhouse grown lettuce and greens is evolving as the opportunities and demand expand and mature.

Determining the right greenhouse for growing leafy greens is dependent on a few factors including climate, budget and whether this is an expansion or a new build. From small scale to large scale, greenhouses provide an ideal environment for growing lettuce and other produce. In this segment we will look at style of the structure and glazing options GGS can offer to get the most for your budget.

Lettuce Talk - Greenhouse Blog Series

Leafy Greens and lettuce have been an established greenhouse grown product for some time but it has only been in the last short while that its potential as a major greenhouse crop has begun to be realized with expanding growth and opportunity.

We have seen the greenhouse lettuce production take off, mature, modernize almost overnight thanks to a number of influencing factors.

planting flower

2020, Year of the Gardener

Finally some warmer spring weather is in the forecast. As an avid gardener it is great to get out and start the flower gardens, patio pots and vegetable garden ready for planting. In past years as a commercial greenhouse grower, getting ready for spring started in November with seeding and propagating getting the array of spring flowers and vegetable plants grown for spring sales. Then I sold my greenhouse, started a new career here at GGS helping other growers plan their new greenhouses for their plant businesses.